KaDeck – Master your Apache Kafka blackbox

The data hub for all data and processes.
End-to-end monitoring, rapid prototyping, data analysis and alerting for the whole team.

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The data hub for Apache Kafka

Efficient development, management, analysis and monitoring of data and applications.

With KaDeck, data exchanged between applications in the system landscape can be centrally managed and analyzed via an intuitive user interface. Both simple filters and complex query logic can be created in a short time and thus, specific data sets from millions of data can be tracked down.

KaDeck also enables rapid prototyping, the monitoring of data based on business logic and much more.

KaDeck can be used by the entire team, so that developers and business users, application operations and test teams can jointly gain insight into the data and processes and thus work together more efficiently.

  • Web Application (Enterprise)
  • or Desktop (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Connect to multiple clusters
  • Security (e.g. SASL, Kerberos, …)
  • Rights & roles management
  • Monitor & analyze data
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Data Ingestion
  • Supports Avro, Json and more
  • Implement custom data types
KaDeck Enterprise for your whole team.

Why KaDeck?

End-to-end data transparency

By giving employees direct insight into data and processes in Apache Kafka, communication is improved, errors are avoided and work is accelerated.

No infrastructure but data monitoring

KaDeck is no infrastructure monitoring software. The focus is instead on the data and application level to improve the operation and development of applications and the traceability of data.

Rapid prototyping & quality assurance

KaDeck enables rapid prototyping. As departments have direct access to the data and prototypes, these can be professionally examined at an early stage.

Designed to speed up your daily work

KaDeck's intuitive design keeps away accidental complexity¹ and lets you focus on your work.

Everything you need

The features include header decoding of records, comprehensive record ingestion, intuitive filtering and data monitoring, security for clusters and schema registry, an embedded Kafka environment for local testing, and much more.


Write own codecs to decode and encode custom data types, run your Java application with data from topics or write data transformations and filters with JavaScript directly in KaDeck.

¹ Accidental complexity is complexity not directly related to the problem the user tries to solve.

KaDeck Variants

KaDeck Community

Free version for local use. Designed to get started developing from a desktop machine.

KaDeck Professional

For professional users who develop, test, monitor and analyze data in local and remote Apache Kafka clusters from a desktop machine.

KaDeck Enterprise

The data hub for teams. Runs as a web service and includes collaboration features, rights and roles management and much more.

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KaDeck is used in +50 countries on 6 continents.

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Over 3.000 developers already trust in KaDeck as their central hub for developing and managing data in Apache Kafka.

Well-known Fortune 500 companies are among our users.