KaDeck – Master your Apache Kafka blackbox

Our Kafka monitoring solution visualizes Apache Kafka data and processes for your team, increasing the efficiency of application development & monitoring and helping IT & business to collaborate.

What is KaDeck?

A data-centric Kafka monitoring solution

KaDeck is an application that runs on your desktop or as a web service in your infrastructure. With KaDeck you can manage and connect securely to your Apache Kafka clusters. A dedicated view for your topics and records lets you analyse & create new data in your Apache Kafka environment. Create dynamic reports of your data views, share them with your team and manage user roles and access to certain data views. KaDeck includes support for many data types and can be extended to your custom needs.

  • Desktop and web application
  • Containerized (e.g. Docker)
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Security (e.g. SASL, Kerberos, …)
  • Analytics & dynamic reports
  • Data Ingestion
  • Support for many data types
  • Extendable to custom needs

Why KaDeck?

Regain Control

A central Kafka monitoring solution for your whole team spanning full application lifecycle.

Smooth Collaboration

Remove communication barriers between Business, IT and Operations.

Unlimited Transparency

Visualize any data, processes and applications at any time and have charge of your system landscape.

Stay focused

KaDeck's intuitive design keeps away accidental complexity¹ and lets you focus on your work.

Advanced features

Header decoding of records, comprehensive record ingestion, intuitive filtering and analysis capabilities, security for clusters and schema registry, an embedded kafka environment for local testing and much more...


Write your own codecs to decode and encode custom data formats.

¹ Accidental complexity is complexity not related to the problem the developer tries to solve.

KaDeck Variants

KaDeck Community

Our free version for local testing and development in small projects.

KaDeck Professional

For professional users who develop, test, monitor and analyse data in local and remote Apache Kafka® clusters.

KaDeck Enterprise

The central data hub for teams including developers, operations, business analysts, software architects and business users. Unify communication and realize collaboration across all workstreams with our Kafka monitoring solution.

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KaDeck is used in +30 countries on 6 continents.

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Over 2.500 developers already trust in KaDeck as their central hub for developing and managing data in Apache Kafka.

Well-known Fortune 500 companies are among our users.