Introducing KaDeck 1.4

A significant upgrade for individual requirements.

With KaDeck 1.4 we are introducing a new product line up consisting of an overhauled KaDeck Community edition, a new KaDeck Professional edition and an updated KaDeck Enterprise version.

KaDeck Community is our free version to get you started quickly developing and testing on your local machine. It allows for connecting to one local cluster and includes the new embedded cluster functionality, which lets you start a local broker directly in KaDeck.

KaDeck Professional is our version for professionals and companies which require advanced data analysis functionalities, the ability to connect to a remote Apache Kafka cluster, or support for custom data types. KaDeck Professional includes new security features, creating views, adding data attributes as columns, unlimited filtering capabilities, the ability to write and load custom codecs for data consumption and ingestion and much more.

KaDeck Enterprise is your central data hub, the heart of your data pipelines, and integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure. Collaboration and security functionalities such as user roles and access management lets all stakeholders work efficiently together. Learn more

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All new features

  • Create multiple views
  • Introducing column views: add data object attributes as columns for a better overview
  • Write your own custom codecs for data consumption and data ingestion
  • Embedded cluster functionality: start a Kafka broker directly in KaDeck
  • Fully overhauled server browser screen
  • Topic management with configurations: add or delete topics
  • Support for SASL mechanism scram
  • Support for secured Schema Registry (Basic & Bearer)
  • New support center
  • Many bug fixes for the server and record browser screen
  • Download a new update directly from the update dialog
  • Ingesting the first record if the topic is empty is now possible
  • Internal redesign of the consumption layer
  • Export data sets to CSV (Enterprise Edition only)
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